Committees of Folkwang-Museumsverein e.V.

The General Assembly makes all the association’s important decisions, in particular the election if the Administrative Council and the Board.

The Administrative Council is made up of persons who in a particular way support the association in its work, and who advise the Board. The committee, which according to the statutes must have at least seven members, currently consists of the following persons:

Volker Behr, Essen
Dr. Ulrich Blank, Essen, Chairman
Dr. Gerhard Cromme, Essen
Dr. Claudia Edeling, Essen
Prof. Ute Eskildsen, Essen
Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger, Essen
Prof. Dr. Thomas Katzorke, Essen
Jörg Massenberg, Essen
Dr. e.h. Achim Middelschulte, Essen
Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Olbricht, Essen
Joachim Rumstadt, Essen
Dr. Rolf-Martin Schmitz, Mönchengladbach
Heidi Steuernagel, Essen
Dr. Johannes Teyssen, Dusseldorf
Dr. Andreas Urban, Berlin
Dr. Axel Wiesener, Essen

In line with the statues the Board is made up of five to seven statutory members, who are elected in the General Assembly for a period of five years. Current members of the Board are:

Dr. Ulrich Blank, Chairman
Dr. Susanne Henle, Deputy Chairman
Peter Gorschlüter, Executive Board Member
Dr. Ulrich Irriger, Secretary
Stefan Pfeiffer, Treasurer
Dr. Thomas A. Lange

see also the association statues. . .

Museum Folkwang Board of Trustees
Joint responsibility for maintaining and expanding the collection and for the development of the museum are guiding principles with regard to the collaboration between Folkwang-Museumsverein and the City of Essen on the museum’s Board of Trustees. A contract concluded between the City and the founders in May 1922 serves as the legal basis for this collaboration. This contract regulates, amongst other things

  • The acquisition, at the time, of the Karl Ernst Osthaus Collection with funds provided by the founders totalling 15,000,000 marks
  • The maintenance of Museum Folkwang by the City of Essen
  • The collaboration between the City of Essen, Folkwang-Museumsverein and the Osthaus family on the Board of Trustees with regard to the management and advancement of Museum Folkwang.

The Board of Trustees is chaired for alternating periods of one year by the Mayor of the City of Essen and the Chairman of Folkwang-Museumsverein.

The Board of Trustees is currently made up of the following persons:

As at 1 January 2016

Representatives of the City of Essen
Mayor Thomas Kufen
Councillor (m) Hans Aring
Councillor (m) Norbert Kleine-Möllhoff
Councillor (m) Dr. Karlgeorg Krüger
Councillor (f) Janine Laupenmühlen
Councillor (f) Elisabeth Mews
Councillor (f) Christiane Moos
Councillor (f) Anke Ottenhaus
Councillor (f) Barbara Rörig
Hanns-Jürgen Spieß

Representative of Folkwang-Museumsverein
Dr. Ulrich Blank
Dr. Susanne Henle
Dr. Ulrich Irriger
Dr. Thomas A. Lange
Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Olbricht

Representative of the Karl Ernst Osthaus-Stiftung
Christof Osthaus

Representative of Kunstring Folkwang e.V. (advisory)
Imke Glücks

Museum management (advisory)
Peter Gorschlüter (as of 1st July 2018)



General meeting 2018
On the platform f.l.t.r.: Dr. Ulrich Irriger (Secretary), Dr. Susanne Henle (Deputy Chairman), Dr. Ulrich Blank (Chairman), Stefan Pfeiffer (Treasurer), Dr. Thomas A. Lange (Board member)
©Folkwang-Museumsverein e.V., photo Dominik Krolikowski