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It is with deep sadness that we bid farewell to our Executive Board Member Prof. Dr. Thomas Budde

Born in Essen, Prof. Budde was a long-time member of the Folkwang-Museumsverein. His tireless commitment to the Museum Folkwang was a matter dear to his heart. In March 2021, Prof. Budde was elected to the Executive Board of the Folkwang-Museumsverein. He remained committed until the end, enriching the work of the Executive Board with far-sighted ideas, empathy and his open, approachable and very likeable personality. We fondly remember his immense bravery and devotion to us, to the museum, to life in general. He was a significant role model for all of us to overcome fear and suffering.

We will miss him dearly and are deeply grateful for his outstanding commitment to the Folkwang-Museumsverein and the Museum Folkwang.

Our sincere compassion and deepest condolences are extended to his family and especially to his wife Ute.

Dr. Ulrich Blank, Chairman
Prof. Peter Gorschlüter, Executive Board Member
Dr. Susanne Henle, Vice Chairman
Dr. Ulrich Irriger, Secretary
Stefan Pfeiffer, Treasurer
Anja von Maltzahn 
Gina Becker, Head of Office


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